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Treatment for Stiffness & Soreness in Chandler

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When you do too much, or for too long, or do something your body is not used to, your muscles or joints can get stiff and sore. This is normal and expected and part of the process of getting stronger. However, there is a possibility that you sustained an injury more serious. When muscles get worked they take a strain and will sometimes wear that strain for a while. This can vary from a stiff muscle that won’t fully extend to something more complex like a serious tendon strain. In some cases, these muscles may remain tense as if they are always flexing, or they will twitch and spasm as if they are quickly flexing and un-flexing.

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When Does Soreness Require Intervention?

How do you know if you are experiencing normal soreness and stiffness or some sort of genuine injury?

The following are related to minor issues that do not require medical assistance:

  • Mild to low moderate discomfort with pain levels between 2 and 5 out of 10
  • Discomfort is dull, like an ache or a bruise, rather than sharp or stabbing
  • Soreness responds well to common remedies such as rest, stretching, and applying ice and heat
  • Issues subside after a few days

If, however, you continue to experience problems and your symptoms do not lessen after several days, it is time to call for advice.

There is no reason to allow these problems to continue. It is important to listen to your body and ensure that you are addressing the issues it brings up when it sends pain signals. Various treatment plans are available to naturally treat muscle problems rather than being prescribed medication. Techniques such as massage therapy go a long way in relieving some of the stress that our bodies encounter.

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