At Chandler Pain Clinic we treat the worker, not just their pain.

Chandler Pain Clinic is a licensed Arizona worker’s compensation facility, and we treat work injuries differently. We focus on fixing the work injury and correcting its cause, not just treating the pain to get the worker back on the job. Otherwise, the worker is being set up to become chronically injured. With an injury and an outcome that is much worse later on.

There are two types of work injuries: acute and sudden back pain with a fall or a lifting injury. There are also chronic and insidious work injuries, such as repetitive job motion leading to rotator cuff pain (shoulder) or carpal tunnel syndrome (hand and arm). There is also bad work posture, which causes neck strain and pain or headaches. In order for both of these types of injuries to be resolved, the symptoms–pain, stiffness, spasms, weakness or numbness–need to be reduced.

However, the damaged body structure that caused the symptoms also needs to be corrected; the nerve pressure needs to be relieved, the scar tissue needs to be removed, and the irritation causing the inflammation needs to be fixed. Finally, the circumstances that led to the injury in the first place need to be corrected: improved ergonomics and work posture, as well as stronger core strength or flexibility. Otherwise, the stresses and the duties of the job will certainly cause the symptoms to return. As this happens again and again, the injury is now chronic and has become the rule instead of the exception. This is bad for the worker, the employer and the insurance company, because now the worker is not so much a valued and happy employee, but an unhappy liability.

licensed Arizona worker’s compensation facilityWhat we do at Chandler Pain Clinic is use a combination of Chiropractic, Therapy, Massage and Active Release Technique (A.R.T.), to fix the injury and not just treat the pain. We work with the worker and identify and correct the circumstances that led up to the injury, thus creating a permanent solution and avoiding re-injury and the chronic problems that this leads to.

Please know that under Arizona State Worker’s Compensation law, an injured worker must see an employer-recommended doctor for the first visit only. After the first visit, they can be treated by any Arizona licensed facility that they wish to be treated by.