I was suffering from a lot of lower back pain and locked neck muscles from long hours in front of a computer. I had heard about how great chiropractic care was but didn’t believe it would give me the result that it did. Dr. Chris at The Chandler Pain Clinic provided me with outstanding care and I still see him regularly to this day. I look forward to getting adjusted and often can’t wait for my next visit. Thanks Dr. Chris!

J. Kesar, Phoenix AZ

I’ve been seeing Dr. Chris for several years of back pain following my
back surgery. Thanks to his exemplary care, I’m able to play with my kids and lead an active lifestyle. I’ve even sent him my wife, mother and grandmother.

M. Jones, Chandler AZ

I put up with back and shoulder stiffness and soreness for years. I had come to think of the discomfort as “normal”, occassionally taking Tylenol for some temporary relief.

The soreness was due to lumps of muscle fibers and scar tissue that had built up. After a couple of visits to Dr. Chris Komarnisky and massages from his associate, Ms. Gracy, I experienced a significant improvement in my condition. The treatments at Chandler Pain Clinic emphasize wellness instead of illness.

Dr. Chris quickly and accurately assessed my condition and was able to zero in on the problem areas immediately. Ms. Gracy is thorough and skillful with her massages. Both Dr. Chris and Ms. Gracy are personable and professional in their contact with clients.

I look forward to continued improvement in my condition. It is wonderful to awake in the morning and not have my sore back and shoulder my first thought of the day!

J. Davenport, Chandler AZ

Thank you Dr. Chris, for your help with my back pain. As you know, I was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler on a freeway 15 years ago. One M.D., and orthopedic surgeon, wanted to operate on me, but as one of my 3 back injuries was in an unusual area, he needed to have a neurosurgeon alongside, and actually take the lead in my spinal surgery. After being examined by him, the neurosurgeon said that the surgery they would perform, may not be successful, and could cause me even more pain, so he said that “pain management” was the best course. I periodically have “back attacks” and while the pain-killers like vicodin, oxy-codone and percocet take the edge off, and help me sleep when I do have these “back-attacks,” I receive more relief from the back pain, through your chiropractic techniques and skills. As I do not like taking these pain-killers, your care has enabled me over these past 9 months, to minimize the use of the pain killers to a minimum, and only after one of these “back-attacks,” which are ocurring less frequently, again, thanks to your care.

I would recommend anyone having been in an accident with back pain, to see you first, for pain management, before they consider surgery.

M. Goodell, Phoenix AZ