When you do to much, or for to long, or do something new your muscles or joints can get stiff and sore. This is normal and expected and part of the process of getting stronger. However, how do you know if its normal soreness and stiffnes or some sort of genuine injury? If the discomfort is mild to low moderate, if the your pain level is a 2-5 out of 10 then it probably isn’t severe. If the quality of the discomfort is more dull, like an ache or a bruise, rather then sharp or stabbing, it’s probably minor. If your discomfort improves quickly after a few days, its probably minor. If the pain sticks around after several days and dosen’t improve, or gets even worse, it is time to see somebody. If your discomfort responds to common remidies; hot bathes, stretching exercises, or rest, it is probably mild. But if you do all those things as well as; ice, extended rest, over the counter analgesic medication such as; Advil, Tylenol, or ibuprofend and things don’t improve it’s time to call for advice. If your pain is new, if you’ve never experienced pain this type or severity and it dosen’t improve after several days, or gets more uncomfortable with rest, advice is prudent.

Muscle and joint soreness can be just normal soreness or ” just growing pains “. But if your condition is following these dire patterns indicated, please let us find out what’s wrong. Pain and other symptoms or your body’s alarm system not some monster or weakness and it could be trying to tell you something, it is importnant to listen or worse things may happen. So tune in to our blog, or better yet, make an appointment today and find out what’s really wrong. It could be a bone, a joint, a nerve, a muscle, a joint capsule. Let’s find the cause, and don’t mask it, fix it, thats the only way to find a cure.

When muscles get worked they take a strain and will sometimes wear that strain for a while. This can vary from a stiff muscle that wont fully extend to something more complex like a serious tendon strain. In some cases these muscles may remain tense as if they are always flexing, or they will twitch and spasm as if they are quickly flexing and un-flexing.

Various treatment plans are available to naturally treat muscle problems rather than being prescribed medication. Techniques such as massage therapy go a long way in relieving some of the stress that our bodies encounter.

If massage therapy alone doeskin take care of your ailment then there could be another source of the problem, this is why it is important to get a full inspection rather than just hope for the best and shell out more money. Take a look at our blog and get to know some of the various topics associated with work like this. We look forward to hearing from you soon!